“A Most Precious Gift” exceeded my expectations. After learning of the storyline, I expected to enjoy it – but the setting, the characters, and the storytelling made me love it. Set in the old South before the beginning of the Civil War, freed slave Jonathan and slave Dinah meet in Natchez, MS when they work together – he as a hired furniture maker, she as a slave seamstress – on a project for Dinah’s owners. True to the history of Natchez, that county was the only Mississippi county that did not secede from the Union during the days of the Confederacy. Told from the perspective of two African-Americans, this story brought that time, and those situations, to life. Freedom was precious, and to gain it and KEEP it was the goal of every slave or former slave. But beyond the realm of physical freedom, the story centers on the fact that each of these characters must find for themselves true spiritual freedom which only comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ. Misunderstandings, danger, and sweet moments dominate this book that I could not put down. If you are fond of the likes of Tamera Alexander or Deanne Gist, you will love Jacqueline Freeman Wheelock’s “A Most Precious Gift.”
— Regina M., Amazon customer review, July 29, 2016
[A Most Precious Gift] had me captivated from beginning to end. It was interesting to not only be told of the outward circumstances, but also of the inward dialogue we all carry through our lives, and how that dialogue can help or hurt us. Great tale from start to finish.
— Lynne S., Amazon customer review, January 5, 2017
What a great, well written story. The characters are strong, funny, and frustrating. Even the “bad guys” . Historical romance with GOD at the center. Loved It!
— Msbmax, Amazon customer review of A Most Precious Gift, August 17, 2014
Maybe Welty, Morris, Hannah and other such names sold the book, but the works of Wheelock, in Christmas Lights and Isonhood, in Morning Stove seems to have captured what the true meaning of Christmas is in our hearts. Need to hear more from them.
— Amazon Customer review of Christmas Stories from Mississippi, December 10, 2001